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CPGairport, a division of CPG Consultants, Singapore, in partnership with the Airport Design and Construction Consultancy (ADCC) Vietnam, and supported by CPG Consultants Vietnam Office, are honoured to have been recently appointed by the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) as the Principal Design Consultant for the new Passenger Terminal 3 and adjoining commercial development at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TSNIA).

The new Terminal will have a handling capacity of 20 million passengers per annum and will help alleviate the current challenges faced by Terminals 1 and 2, forming a new and improved domestic gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Totaling an area of some 240,000 sqm and with a substantial investment by the Government, both the terminal and adjacent commercial development are envisioned as being holistically integrated and interconnected spatially offering passengers, staff and visitors alike an unparalleled shopping and entertainment hub. The development will draw heavily from CPG Consultants lessons learnt on Biophilic design and the ‘How’s and How not to do’ of integrating ‘greens’ correctly and succinctly into spaces.

As important as biophilic aspirations, CPG Consultants will apply their expertise in Pandemic Resilience and the application of CPG’s Pandemic Resilience ‘Play Book’ solutions into modern public spaces will be paramount in ensuring today’s designs are tomorrows solutions.

The T3 Commercial development to be aptly named SkyPark@TSNIA, will when completed cleverly connect the activities at the Airport with those of the surrounding environs and neighborhoods greatly enhancing and enriching the local Community as a whole.

The proposed development is by far the most ambitious new airport commissioned by Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), with virtually every kind of business and public facility as well as cultural, retail and recreational elements all under one beautifully designed roof. An innovative mixed-use community concept is applied as an over-arching design paradigm, greatly improving diverse tourism and business opportunities for the region whilst also serving as a catalyst for dynamic lifestyle and family entertainment possibilities for the future.

Incorporating local cultural elements is always an important aspect of any of CPGairport designs and once again, the CPG team through inspiration and applied artistic-based-thought coalesced a fluid, parametric derived design for the Terminal heavily influenced by the traditional Vietnamese woman’s dress the ‘Ao Dai’ and the subtle curves and flows of fabric and the interplay of movement effected by air and wind.

The bold, sweeping roof begins at the new Terminal, continues over the commercial development in a series of landscape terraces and culminates in a central signature courtyard. The varying layers of the majestic roof create a juxtaposition of lifting, folding and embedding in an ever-changing perspective.

The T3 Skypark@TSNIA vision creates a sustainable new generation city district, unique for its human scale and fully pedestrianized urban community, with a perfect synergy between landscape and architecture with a biophilic flavour and a future proofed built-in pandemic resilience.

We are honoured to be awarded and entrusted with this project and look forward to making the new T3 SkyPark@TSNIA a memorable addition to the existing Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Vietnam.

CPGairport Team, December 2020.


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